Friday, 18 May 2012

Granddaughters of Poseidon: The Original Sinful Sirens!

If any of you here have read the first book in my Songs of the Sirens series, you’ve been introduced to Serena, granddaughter of the Greek God, Poseidon, the first goddess of seduction to be featured in my series.   She hails from a large dynasty of siren women endowed with fantastical powers and granted the gift of immortality.  The sirens in my books are benevolent even though each of them has their own distinct personality traits and some of them are less apt to follow the rules than others.  Add in their ability to actually change a situation to their advantage and it makes for interesting writing and hopefully a fascinating time for my readers.  By contrast each of them has their own cause they stand for.  Serena believes that by conning what she perceives as the egotistical rich and giving a percentage of those reaped rewards to the less fortunate that she is doing her bit to make the universe a more tranquil place to live. 
In my second book, Luna is hell bent on breaking all of the rules and believes she is doing the right thing by becoming a vigilante of the night set upon protecting women and children who are being abused—she believes their abusers should be punished harshly and takes on the position of judge, jury and executioner—something that riles the King of the Gods, Zeus, and creates a huge problem for her when she faces the prospect of being stripped of her powers and immortality.  The second book is finished, submitted but not yet contracted.
And now I must pick the next siren to be featured in either the third or fourth book—do you want to hear the story of Cordelia the siren who believes she can fix any problem and redeem men who have fallen hard from grace, or would you like to hear the story of the carefree Melody—former tough as nails warrior turned galaxy pop music sensation?
Leave me a comment and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a print copy of Songs of the Sirens: Seduction.

The lucky winner will be announced a week from today! Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. melody sounds interesting and I would love to hear more about her