Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Excerpt: Songs of the Sirens: Seduction

I said on my post yesterday that I would post an excerpt here from Songs of the Sirens: Seduction in a few days but I couldn't wait that long, so here it is! :)

Songs of the Sirens: Seduction by Piper Rowan
 Serena inhaled the sweet air, fragrant with the native flowers and the scent of the sea.  A deep longing stirred within her and her eyes as if being commanded by another force, settled on the softly lapping waves that rolled against the beach.  She started when she saw movement out in the dark depths.  For one split second, she thought she’d seen a human head bobbing out of the water.
The moonlight sparkling against the water put her soul at ease.  She could easily swim in that water, despite the risk involved, it sang to her.  Folding her arms tightly across her chest, she shivered, as deep melancholy washed over her.
She gradually became drowsy enough that she had to leave the balcony.  Zander had taken his leave without a word to her, and in a way, she didn’t care.  She walked to the door and tested the handle.  Not surprisingly, it was locked.  Shrugging her shoulders, she walked back over to the bed, and collapsed wearily upon it.  She shouldn’t feel this lethargic not after the night of ecstasy she’d had, but dreamland beckoned to her, and she went without a struggle.
“Serena,” her name was softly whispered by a man whose voice she didn’t recognize.  She smiled and rolled over in the bed.  That same man touched her on the arm, and his light touch made her shiver with delight.  She slowly opened her eyes.  In the darkened room, she barely made out his silhouette next to the bed.  He was larger than both Chiron and Zander, and from the moonlight spilling into the room from the open balcony she could see that he had blue-black hair.  His eyes captivated her; they were the color of the sea and sparkled like diamonds.  In a way they had the same effervescent life her eyes possessed.  “Come with me, my water princess,” he said softly, his melodiously deep voice lulling her into submission.  She sat up, and tossed the sheets off her body.  Still wearing the robe, she put her feet on the floor, and gripped the strong large hand he offered to her.  It felt cold and also a bit wet.  Still believing it was a dream, she followed him to the balcony.  He levitated them up into the air, and together they rode the wind out to sea.  As the sea spritzed up onto her face, she became fully alert.  Her eyes opened wide, and she struggled to pull away from the man of the sea.
He walked into the waves, and pulled her behind him.  “No, you don’t understand,” she said desperately, fear slicing through her heart, “my kind doesn’t live under the sea!  I’m not a mermaid!”  Her fierce protestations were cut off as he pulled her beneath the depths, and she lost consciousness.


  1. Any news of a publishing date, Piper? Been checking back every so often and I must admit, I am starting to wonder if it'll ever be published, lol.

  2. hi! it's been released! Hope you like it! :)